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Free Temporary Waiting Car Park opens today

23 December 2010


With record numbers expected over this year’s holiday period at Brisbane Airport, a free, temporary waiting parking area opens today at Brisbane Airport to alleviate traffic congestion in the Domestic Terminal precinct.


The Temporary Waiting Car Park will open from today until 4 January and is located in DFO’s front car park. The operating hours will be from 5am til 11pm to cover the busy peak morning and evening periods.


Brisbane Airport Corporation spokesperson, Rebecca Masci, said the temporary waiting car park will be ideal for people coming out to the airport to collect a passenger from the terminal.


“People can drive straight into the temporary waiting car park at the DFO, park for free for as long as they need, until their passenger calls to say they’re ready to be collected at the terminal,” Ms Masci said.


“This will save people the hassle of doing the loop around the Domestic Terminal roads, and will also hopefully free-up the precinct from ‘holiday’ traffic congestion. However, the existing car parks at the Domestic Terminal are still the best option for people who are parking and flying out of the airport, as the temporary car park will close each night. This new car park is only for people waiting temporarily to pick-up passengers.”


Additional signage and traffic management officers will also be placed around the airport precinct to help assist people and improve traffic flow.


Ms Masci said with such strong growth in the lead up to Christmas, record passenger numbers are expected during the holiday season at the Domestic Terminal, and people should allow extra time and plan ahead.


“We’re expecting record passengers this Christmas and the Domestic Terminal precinct is currently under construction, so people should be sure to add a half hour onto their travel time to the airport, and


visit before you fly to find out about the changes around precinct,” Ms Masci said.


Hot tips for Brisbane Airport travellers


Brisbane Airport has put together a number of hot tips to get you speedily through the airport this Christmas and onto your holiday destination as quickly and pain-free as possible.


  • Picking up passengers: Park in the free Temporary Waiting Car Park between 23 December and 4 January, located in the DFO car park. The operating hours are from 5am til 11pm to cover the busy peak morning and evening periods.
  • Allow extra time: Allow an extra half hour onto your trip to the airport to ensure you’re not panicked about meeting your flight.
  • Pre-plan your transport: Before you fly, plan your trip. Go to for all the options on how to best get to and from the airport over Christmas. On the website you find videos on how to navigate the new roads, maps of for the best car parks, and transport options.
  • Check-in online: If you have internet access, log-on to your airline's website and check-in the day before you fly. Qantas, Virgin, Jetstar and Tiger offer online check-in. This will save you the time and hassle of checking-in at the airport. Also, if you have the option of choosing your seat, try to choose one as close to the front of the plane as possible. This will mean you'll be one of the first off the plane when you land.
  • Coffee Hit: For the early fliers who need a morning coffee hit, Merlot coffee can help you out the moment you walk through the door of the Domestic Terminal. Feel free to take your coffee up through the check-in and security screening point.
  • Avoid Excess Baggage: If you're only taking a short trip, avoid checking-in luggage where necessary. This will save you waiting for it to arrive on the baggage carousel at the other end of your trip. If you do need to take luggage, check the weight limit with your airline before you leave, to avoid paying for any extra kilos. You can often find this info on airline websites.
  • Watch what You Wear: While it always seems like a good idea to dress-up to travel so you arrive in your new city looking your best, often this can mean extra time at the security passenger screening point. For the men, avoid big coats, hats, and big metal belt buckles, and for the ladies also avoid stilettos and chunky fashion jewellery. These items have a tendency to set off passenger screening point alarms and you'll add an extra five minutes to the screening process, taking clothing items on and off. As a general rule, the less layers the better.
  • Double-check for prohibited items: Before you leave home, double check you've taken out any prohibited items, like nail files and scissors. This will save you having to surrender them on the day. If you're taking a laptop, you'll need to take the computer and all it's accessories out of the bag before it goes through screening. Get organised in advance - use the tables and trays provided to do this and avoid blocking the queue. Your fellow passengers will thank you for it!
  • Enjoy the food, beverage and shopping to relax: If you have a bit of time once you've made it through the screening point, check out the food, beverage and shopping on offer upstairs. It's a good way to relax and get in the mood before jumping on your plane to your Christmas holiday destination.
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