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Mobile App - Departure Card Feature


Flying made easy - Try our new Digital Departure Card


What is the new Digital Departure Card Feature? 


The new Digital Departure Card is built within our  popular mobile app, and gives passengers the ability to enter and save personal information for the Departure Card onto their mobile device prior to arrival at the airport.  This information is converted into a QR code that is scanned and printed at a kiosks located in the International Terminal. The personalised and custom printed card is then signed by the passenger and collected by Customs officers during the normal departure process.  Passengers are also able to save their profiles (as well as the profiles of up to five children or other family members with permission) within the app so that they do not have to complete their personal information every time they travel internationally from BNE.


How do I use the Digital Departure Card Feature? 

Watch the below instructional video:


Or follow the below steps:

Step 1 - Download the APP


Step 2 - Go DEPARTURE CARD tab (left hand side, green tab)


Step 3 - Follow the text prompts and fill in your information 



Step 4 - Take your mobile with you to the airport.


  • You will be provided a QR code which is saved into the 'My Trip' area of your Brisbane Airport app.
  • Take your phone containing the QR code to the Departure Card Kiosk located before the security inspection area of the International Terminal.
  • Go to the kiosk, scan the code, it will print you a departure card with all your detail on it (print takes approx 30 seconds).
  • Simply sign the back of the card (declaration) and go through to security and customs. 


Step 5 - Enjoy your flight. 


More info: 

  • You can build a profile for yourself and all your family members in the one mobile app. For each family member you will be given a seperate QR code so you simply need to walk up to the kiosk when departing and scan your QR codes one at a time and it will print cards for your family. Each print takes approx 45 seconds. This should save some time filling out cards on behalf of your group when at the airport. 
  • Your profile is stored within your device for next time you fly internationally.  For your next trip, simply add in your new 'flight details' and new 'reason for travel'. Ie your personal details/passport/occupation are all stored in your profile within your device. The only update you need to do is trip specific information. 


For Privacy information regarding the digital departure card feature please click here. 


To find out more about the partners and initiative read our Media Release here