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To & From Brisbane Airport

Public Pick-Up Area


Drivers are allowed to pick-up arriving passengers on the Departures/ Pick-up Road in front of the terminal.


To avoid congestion on the Departures/Pick-Up Road there is a Pick-Up Waiting Area located beside the long-term car park that is a dedicated ‘waiting area’ for drivers whose passengers are not yet ready to be collected. The first 30 minutes are free in the Pick-Up Waiting Area, which can be accessed from Dryandra Road.


Domestic Terminal Free 30 min  Map





Information on the drive through pick-up road

  • Security requirements, means that passengers must be ready for an immediate pick up or drop off in the public pick up area, if they are not quite ready just drive to the 30min area until they are.
  • The only exception to this rule is for people who are collecting passengers with mobility issues. In this situation there are accessible parking spaces designated for those vehicles and 30 minutes is provided to allow for parking and assisting the passenger to the car.
  • Special 'zones' will be designated along the kerb to assist drivers and arriving passengers to find each other and facilitate a quick pick-up.
  • Passengers are reminded that there are coloured flags along the road for you to pick a colour and stand near to assist your pick-up driver finding you along the stretch.
  • If you prefer the convenience of parking and going to meet your passenger inside the terminal, parking is available in the multi-level car parks.
  • Drivers should plan to arrive around 10-15 fifteen minutes after their passenger's flight is scheduled to arrive. This allows passengers time to collect their luggage and to make their way to the kerb.
  • A Flight Information Display Screen at the Pick-up Waiting Area will advise drivers of flight arrival times or delays. The Display Screen can be found in the undercover area next to the payment machines.
  • Upon receiving a call that their passenger is at the kerb, drivers can leave the Pick-up Waiting Area and drive around to the Departures/ Pick-up Road to collect their passenger. Passengers must be ready for immediate pick up only
  • Drivers must stay with their cars at all times.


The public set down road includes six accessible spaces located under the Skywalk that have been clearly sign-posted and marked with the international symbol for access. These spaces allow drivers and passengers with disabilities to park for up to 30 minutes, i.e the bays may be used for both pick-up and set-down. Valid Australian Disability Parking Permits and valid Queensland Disability Parking Permits must be displayed on the vehicle at all times. If you do not have the required permit you must speak with a kerbside officer before leaving your vehicle.


In all cases drivers of vehicles that do not display a valid Australian Disability Parking Permit or a valid Queensland Disability Parking Permit must identify themselves to the parking control officer who has the discretionary capability to allow people with disabilities but who are not passengers in a vehicle displaying a valid Permit to utilise these spaces. If the correct permit is not displayed then fines may apply.


Two special use accessible parking spaces are also available on the taxi drop-off road. These spaces are closer to the terminal but are only available with prior approval. If you require the use of one of these special use bays then please call (07) 3406 3261 between 8am to 3pm Monday to Friday and at least 24 business hours in advance to discuss arrangements. If prior arrangements are not made then fines may apply. Seating areas for waiting and resting are provided next to set-down areas offering some protection from sun, rain and prevailing winds.


Click here for further information on disability access.

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