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Mitchell Broom
Mitchell Broom at Emerald Lake in Canada

Mitchell was a late-bloomer in the world of travel, hopping on a plane for the first time at 16 to visit his sister in London. Since that first taste of travel, the cravings never stopped, having now travelled around Europe, Asia and North America, also living and snowboarding his way around Canada for 2 years. Mitchell's love of travel combines well with his love of food, dancing, art, theatre, nature, as well as meeting new people and trying new things. His favourite country that he has visited is a two-way tie between Japan and San Marino (a city principality, in a castle, a-top a mountain. Yes please!).


Being an experienced writer and producer, Mitchell weaves his passion for creativity and a cheeky sense of humour through his travel stories, suggestions and sensations.  

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