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Rachel Bronish
BNE Blog Author: Rachel Bronish
Rach is a Sydney girl living in Brisbane with a short detour via the nation’s Capital. A newbie to the Aviation Industry after spending a decade doing media and public affairs within Australian law enforcement and a personal trainer in a former life, she is loving the energy and eclectic nature that comes with working in an airport. A lover of all things fitness, sport, music, art, words, and photography, she is also a big believer that there is an applicable Simpson’s or Friday Night Lights quote for every situation.
When it comes to designing an airport menu that people want to order from and will remember for the right reasons, it’s fair to say that George Drivas is one of the best in the business. His success at Brisbane Airport is quite literally proof in the delicious pudding.
There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that most people are unaware of when it comes to floristry. Geraldine is also a master of logistics, engineering and problem-solving.
Through air freight and instant trade, Ellen has established Thousand Island Dressing as Brisbane's home of bling.
When it comes to detecting firearms and explosives on airport, it's fair to say Scott's colleague Naya 'nose' what it takes.
What's the deal with FOD? Actually, what is FOD? Read on to find out and why we have a big focus on it.
Now is a perfect time to reflect on the incredible history of our new runway.