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Brisbane Airport | Android and iPhone Mobile App





Introducing our new Mobile App (iOS & Android). We have done a complete makeover of our Mobile Apps and you can now track flights and be notified of any changes (boarding, gate changes, delays, arrivals). You can also share tracked flights with friends or family so they know when to pick you up and at what gate you will arrive into.  And now you can also pre-fill in your departure card before travel. Which means you simply turn up to the airport, scan and print within 30 seconds from your APP (no more filling it in at the airport and trying finding a pen in your bag....)   If you haven't already, get this on your phone!


At a glance you can:

  • International Departure Card feature - pre-fill & create a profile, to simply scan and print at the airport. Find out more here
  • Find the most up-to-date arrivals and departure information
  • Track your flight and be notified by text if there is a change to your flight (ie gate change, time change, baggage carousel)
  • Share your flight with family and friends so they can track and be notified by text if your flight changes arrival time
  • Book parking on the run
  • Find your car (just in case you forgot where you parked)
  • Check all social media updates in the app without having to be signed up to twitter, facebook or instagram. We update Twitter with any operational delays if they are occuring.  
  • Shopping & dining (including current promotions) 
  • Transport directions to and from the airport 
  • Terminal maps for (domestic and international)
  • Security information
  • Explore all events and things to do in Brisbane


In addition, the App includes a special `My Trip' function allowing you to include your personal flight information and enter details about where you parked at the terminal.


Download the Apple iPhone app now     Download the Android app now