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BAC is committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment at Brisbane Airport. Security measures in place reflect the strict regulations specified by the Australian Government and are constantly monitored for compliance and reporting purposes. Please follow directions from all security staff as this will ensure an efficient and safe travel experience.


Follow the links to find out more about security, screening and Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs) 



Due to security measures, passengers are advised to allow ample time to process through immigration and security screening points into the Departures area. To allow for this, check-in counters generally open three hours before departure for most international flights and 1.5 hours for domestic flights. Passengers are encouraged to check with their airline or travel agent prior to their arrival at the terminal should they have any concerns about security measures or special needs with their travel arrangements.

Evacuation from Terminals

In the event of an evacuation from terminal buildings and/or car parks, you will be notified by the sounding of an alarm and verbal instructions to evacuate. The evacuation system will cascade, meaning that only those areas directly threatened will be evacuated first. Those areas at lesser risk will be evacuated as the priority increases.


When notified to evacuate, make your way to the nearest exit and follow the direction of building wardens (identified by white and red helmets) and uniformed staff. You will be directed to evacuation areas where you can remain until it is safe to re-enter the building.


Airport security staff and airline staff will be the first allowed to re-enter the buildings followed by other airport staff and passengers. This will ensure systems are re-activated to process passengers.


You should take all your luggage and possessions with you when evacuating the building, unless specifically directed to leave it by wardens or, in the case of the International Terminal, Customs officers.

Filming and Photography


Cameras may be taken into the Level 3 Departures Lounge but photos may not be taken of Customs staff or equipment, check-in counters and staff or security procedures and staff.



For any other filming or photography at Brisbane Airport please contact Corporate Relations on +61 7 3406 3399.

For more information please refer to the Filming and Photography guidelines found here


Passengers with a bona fide medical condition may carry a medical kit. These passengers should carry evidence, such as a doctor's certificate, to substantiate their condition and should also obtain airline approval prior to travel.

Jokes and Comments

All passengers and visitors to the airport should be aware that any comment made, even in jest, regarding the carriage or possession of a weapon or explosive device will be taken seriously and may result in prosecution and/or the airline refusing carriage.

Lost Property

International Terminal

  1. Go to the Visitors Information Desk, Level 2 of the International Terminal, or
  2. Telephone +61 7 3406 3190


Domestic Terminal (comprising Qantas Terminal, Virgin Australia Terminal and Common User Terminal – used by Jetstar and other airlines)

  1. Telephone Qantas Terminal + 61 7 3867 3264
  2. Telephone Virgin Australia Terminal +61 7 3114 8150
  3. Telephone Common User Terminal +61 7 3305 9233
Lost Baggage

Contact your airline. View Airline Contacts.


For property lost on the TBus (inter-terminal / courtesy bus) contact staff parking on +61 7 3406 3057.

Set Down and Kerbside Traffic

Vehicles are permitted to stop for two minutes on designated pick-up and drop-off roads at the International and Domestic Terminals. Due to Government security requirements, you must not leave your car unattended at any time. Unattended vehicles will be towed. You must obey directions from traffic officers while using Brisbane Airport roads.

Unattended Items

Never leave property unattended and never check-in or take items on board an aircraft for other people. Any unattended item at the airport will be treated as suspicious. All baggage should have your name and home address written inside and your name and destination displayed on the outside. Airlines supply tags for this purpose at check-in counters. If you see any unattended items please call the Australian Federal Police (AFP) on 13 12 37

Travel Warnings

For the latest travel advisories from the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade visit:


Reporting Suspicious Behaviour

If you see notice any suspicious behaviour or suspicious luggage unattended please report directly to the Australian Federal Police by calling 13 12 37