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To & From Brisbane Airport

International Terminal Drop Off/Pick Up


Drivers can pick up arriving passengers from level 2 arrivals road in front of the terminal. Passenger drop off can be accessed through the level 4 departures road in front of the terminal.



To avoid congestion please ensure your passenger is waiting, ready for collection before entering the pick up area. Alternatively if you would prefer to greet your passenger in the terminal there are parking options starting from $2.00.

There is a disability space available on level two arrivals road in front of the terminal.


This space allows drivers and passengers with disabilities to stop for up to two minutes. The driver of the vehicle must remain with the vehicle at all times. Kerb ramps and accessible paths of travel have been provided to the designated accessible set down and pick up spaces. If you require more time you must speak with the Kerbside Officer who will provide further information.


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