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People & Culture


At BAC, we know our success begins with our people, because it’s our people who shape our unique culture and reputation.


With a work force of around 300, we are a relatively small team; however we manage one of Brisbane’s and Queensland’s biggest and most important public infrastructure assets.


To put it into context, what happens at our airport has the potential to affect millions of travellers, as well as airports and airline schedules across the nation and the world, so we take our responsibility very seriously.


While the safe and efficient operation of Brisbane Airport is our core focus; our business is much more complex and broad than first meets the eye.


Brisbane Airport is a suburb in its own right and we manage everything within our 2700ha land holding, an area bigger than most local councils, including utilities such as water, sewage, power and communications, as well as planning, building and maintaining critical infrastructure and roads.


More than 420 unique businesses are also located at the airport offering services such as freight and aircraft handling, warehousing, transport and communications, manufacturing, research, property and infrastructure development, education and training, recreation, tourism, leisure and retail.


We are also one of Queensland’s largest companies with an estimated value of over $4 billion, contributing millions to the economy annually and, if BAC was a listed company, we’d rank as one of Australia’s largest top 100 companies.


BAC is proud to support the personal and professional development of staff and we offer our people exciting professional challenges and personal development opportunities, with time out for fun, creating a highly motivated team focused on the strategic delivery of services and products.


While we enjoy a relaxed and friendly work environment that celebrates personal achievements and encourages individual personalities to shine through, BAC staff do so in a manner that shows pride in their work and respect for others.


Working for BAC

What is it like to work for BAC? Let some of our people tell you…


Wendy Weir – Biodiversity Coordinator

Image of Wendy WeirAs Biodiversity Coordinator for BAC, I undertake ecosystem health monitoring and wildlife hazard management planning.


Ecosystem health monitoring involves designing and undertaking monitoring and management programs for Environmentally Significant Areas such as mangrove communities and freshwater wetlands. In the areas of wildlife hazard management planning, I develop programs for problematic wildlife species in order to minimise wildlife strike risk to aircraft.


My role often involves developing and commissioning research projects with universities (QUT & Griffith University) in order to maintain biodiversity on Brisbane Airport while at the same time ensuring aircraft safety. I love the challenge of balancing both aspects of my role – It’s difficult but extremely rewarding.


I have been working for BAC for six years and while I was initially employed on a full time basis, since returning from maternity leave in 2009, I have had the opportunity to work part time allowing me to balance my work and family life.


Ben Williamson – Maintenance Assistant

Image of Ben WilliamsonI have been with BAC as the Maintenance Assistant since 2001 and am employed under the Supported Wage System. My role involves all sorts of different jobs including supervising contractors, minor gardening and mowing and assisting the Fleet and Mechanical Coordinator with the BAC vehicles. My role is part of the Electrical Team so I also assist the electricians and maintain the runway/taxiway lights when they need new lamps.


I enjoy my job because I get to do different things every day. I also love working so close to the planes and being able to go to parts of the airport that many people never get to go.



Cheryl Horrocks – Team Assistant

Image of Cheryl HorrocksI first joined BAC on a 12-month contract and from day one I felt right at home. I initially started as a Project Secretary, however in April 2011 I moved into my current role as Environment Team Assistant.


As well as the usual office based jobs, I actually get the opportunity to go out and about around more remote parts of the airport assist my colleagues with field work like Water Monitoring and Mangrove Monitoring, so they can work out (in their scientific ways) how the environment is being maintained or improved. It makes a nice change for me to don the high visibility vest and steel cap boots every now and again!


I truly enjoy working here at BAC and hope to be around for a long time to come.


Peter Dunlop – Airside Operations Manager

Image of Peter DunlopI have been with BAC since September 2008 located at the Airside Operations Centre. I have been involved with many aspects of aviation since leaving school - from building aircraft and aircraft components to technical support and sales of aircraft. Prior to joining BAC I worked with QantasLink, so after 13 years with the airlines it's great to be learning more about aviation from another perspective and providing a safe operating environment on our runways and taxiways here in Brisbane. The BAC Airside Operations Centre has the primary responsibility for ensuring and constantly improving safety standards and regulatory compliance within the boundaries of Brisbane International and Domestic Terminals.


BAC is a fantastic place to work as everyday operations can bring a new set of challenges to the table and you get to meet someone new every day. As in all parts of the Aviation industry, change is the biggest factor. To stay ahead of the game and be competitive you must be constantly changing to meet the needs of your customers and the regulations, looking at new and smarter ways of doing things. If you don't like change – the aviation industry is not for you!

Rewards and benefits

Health and wellbeing


Our health and wellbeing program includes complimentary flu vaccinations each year, weekly fruit deliveries to all offices and skin checks every other year.


Casual Fridays and Social Club events are held every month. BAC also supports a casual Friday events (morning tea or lunch) with entry, by gold coin donation, going to charity.


Staff Talks

Staff Talks is a two-hour informal information session which is run bi-monthly by the CEO and Managing Director and the Head of People and Culture. These sessions are an opportunity for employees to be updated on key events/changes to the industry and company as a whole.


Passion Days

The Passion Days program is generally run over five days with groups of 40 – 60 staff each day participating in team building activities. The days are dedicated to building internal relationships, challenging individuals in their own personal development, having fun and experiencing the enjoyment of giving back to the community.


Study assistance*

BAC may assist with the cost of approved external studies, which may include providing financial assistance to cover all or part of course fees. You may also be eligible for study leave.


Professional memberships

BAC will cover the joining and annual membership fees for one professional body each year.


Employee Assistance Program

All employees and their immediate family members have access to independent, confidential counselling from professionally qualified counsellors should they need advice on personal, family or work-related concerns.


Flexible Work Solutions*

Our recently introduced Flexible Work Solutions program provides staff with the option to work part-time or from home, take a career break for up to 12 months or vary their work hours.


Recognition of Service

After every five years of employment, staff are rewarded with a gift voucher of their choice.


Parental Leave*

BAC offers up to 12 weeks paid maternity leave and up to 12 months of unpaid parental leave if you have been employed for more than one year. We also offer two days paid supporting partner leave for employees when their spouse or de facto partner has a child.


And it doesn’t end there! Other benefits of working at BAC include:

  • Parking
  • Free hot beverages
  • On site amenities such as: bike racks, showers, sandwich makers, microwaves
  • Occasional free tickets to events
  • Novated leasing*
  • Travel Club eligibility
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Formal Study Program


* These benefits are subject to compliance with BAC’s Policies and Procedures.

Jobs at Brisbane Airport

BAC is an equal opportunity employer and employs staff in the following roles:


Airside Operations

Certain trades (i.e. electrical)

Project Management

Information Technology

Human Resources

Property Management



just to name a few...


If you are interested in working for BAC, roles are usually outsourced to external recruitment agencies and then advertised on Seek.


Please note: most airlines employ their own staff to carry out customer service, baggage handling and other functions on airport. If you are seeking a role in these areas, please visit the relevant airline’s website or contact the airline you are interested in working for directly.


Similarly, Airport Terminal cleaning and security services are provided by external contractors, who should be contacted directly regarding employment opportunities.


As a gateway to Australia, BAC recognises that the diverse workforce we have is key to achieving our future goals and strategies. Everyone who is part of the BAC team brings their diversity of thought enriching our workplace with new ideas, different perspectives and varied experiences.


BAC actively pursues diversity, finding ways of utilising these differences that exist to improve the way we do business.


Together, we aim to provide services to our workers, visitors and members of the public that support and respect individual differences. We will achieve this through flexible work arrangements for varying needs, recruitment and selection based on merit and encouraging personal and professional development for now and in the future. In doing so, we will leverage our workforce and deliver our key strategies.


It is our responsibility both at a company and an individual level to lead by example and actively encourage and foster an inclusive environment where our colleagues and peers feel free to contribute to the environment, ensuring BAC’s ongoing success.

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