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ID & Access FAQs

Following are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers to help assist you with your queries.


I have just been given a job at the Airport how do I get an ASIC?

Please contact your employer as they will assist you through the process.


Can I apply for an ASIC online?

Not at this time; however you can download the ASIC application form from the BNE website - Working at Brisbane Airport – ID & Access Centre.


How do I know when my ASIC is ready?

The authorised signatory for your company will be advised via email when your ASIC is ready for collection.Please check with the person who signed your ASIC form if they have been notified.


My work colleagues already have their ASIC and mine was submitted at the same time – why don’t I have mine?

All ASIC applications are assessed by Auscheck on an individual basis and the timeframe can vary.


Where do I go to collect my ASIC?

Your ASIC can be collected from ID & Access Centre located at 9 The Circuit, Skygate Precinct.This is in the same precinct as DFO and Woolworths.


What time does the ID & Access Centre open?

Hours of operation are:Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 7.30am – 3.45pm

Thursday: 7.30am – 1.45pm


Do I need to make an appointment to collect my ASIC?

You have two options when collecting your ASIC:

Option 1 – Attend the ID & Access Centre on any Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, take a number and wait in the seated area to be called. (No appointment is necessary on these days); or

Option 2 – Phone 3406 3057 to make an appointment for any Thursday or Friday.

NB: Please ensure you bring your original identification documents otherwise you will receive your ASIC.


What identification documents do I need to bring to be issued my ASIC?

You will need to bring the original documents of the photocopies that you submitted with your ASIC application. New categories come into effect 1 August 2017 - further details can be found here.


What is the cost of an ASIC?

An ASIC costs $220 for the initial application and any renewal applications.


How can I pay for my ASIC?

You can pay with cash, cheque, credit card, or eftpos. There is a credit card authority form that can be completed if the credit card holder is unable to attend the ID & Access Centre or if you are mailing applications.


Can you take credit card payments over the phone?

No this is not possible.


What do I do if I can’t remember where I have lived in the past 10 years?

You must complete that section of the application form to the best of your knowledge.


How long will it take to get my ASIC?

This can vary but the average waiting time is two to four weeks.


I don’t speak/read English can someone help me with the test?

Yes, you may bring someone that can translate for you.


I am dyslexic can someone help me with the test?

Yes, you may bring a support person to assist you.


How do we change the name of the authorised signatory?

Please use the sample authorised signatory letter form and email it to for updating.


Can our company have an account for ASICs?

Currently BAC is not allowing any new accounts to be set up.


I have lost my receipt can you please email me a copy?

Copies of receipts are not available.


I have lost my ASIC what do I do?

Phone the ID & Access Centre on 3406 3057 during opening hours or the BAC Duty Manager on 3406 3171 outside office hours.


My ASIC was stolen out of my car what do I do?

Stolen ASICs must be reported to the Queensland Police and the ID & Access Centre. A statutory declaration stating the crime report number and what has occurred must be submitted to ID & Access Centre.


I have a BNE ASIC but now I need an AUS?

Your company will need to submit a letter via email to advising the operational need for an AUS ASIC. This must include the ports that will be visited, the frequency of visits and in what capacity you will be working there. If approved the cost is $100. There is no need to complete an ASIC application form if you already hold a current BNE ASIC.


How do I get car parking on my ASIC?

Please contact the Staff Car Parking office on 3406 3057 and select option 1.


I have just moved house how do I change my address?

Please email to update any of your details.


My VISA & ASIC have expired how do I get another ASIC?

Please email with your new VISA and we will contact you when the updated ASIC is ready.


What documentation do I need to provide regarding my VISA?

The document required is the VISA Grant Notice or Bridging VISA email.


I am changing companies how do I get an ASIC with the new company?

Complete a new ASIC application in full and tick ‘change of company’ on the front page of the form. Once you employer has signed it the form can be submitted for processing.


I have a grey ASIC how do I get a RED ASIC?

Complete a new ASIC application in full and your company must also supply a letter stating what the operational need is to be upgraded to a Red ASIC.


Where do I pick up my Qantas ASIC?

Qantas Domestic Terminal Security Office – Phone 3867 3397.


I have just picked up my Qantas/Jetstar/Virgin ASIC how do I get access to doors/carpark?

Qantas and Jetstar staff must complete an Access Control Application and Virgin staff must complete an Access Control Card Form. Once completed and signed by your employer it should be emailed to - please allow 48 hours for processing.


How do I apply for an access card?

Please complete the applicable form available on the BNE website - ID & Access Centre – Access Card Application page.


What is the cost of an access card?

The cost is $25.


I just got an ADA but now I can’t get in the gate.

Please have the authorised signatory from your company email requesting the access you require stating the operational need, ADA number and ADA expiry date.


How do I set up as a new company for ASICs?

It is best to attend our office for the initial set up and we can help you through the process.


I’m on a bridging VISA can I get an ASIC?

Yes you can.

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