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Flight Paths

We receive many requests for information from residents wanting to see the anticipated future flight paths and expected changes to aircraft noise patterns over Greater Brisbane. There are a number of resources available to answer these questions as outlined below.


Airservices Australia

Airservices is a government-owned corporation providing safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the aviation industry. These services include air traffic control and airspace design and management.


Airservices also provide an online facility called Webtrak that displays a map of surrounding suburbs within 55km of Brisbane Airport. You can view information about arriving and departing aircraft, from three months earlier up to just 40 minutes ago. After selecting the aircraft of concern, you can make a complaint about that flight.


Using Webtrak you can also:

  • locate your street address to have your home appear on the map
  • view information about the aircraft including aircraft type, height, origin and destination and
  • display an aircraft’s flight path and point of closest approach to your home.


Click here to visit Webtrak.


Visit the Airservices website.


24 hour operations and noise management


Good planning and inter-government cooperation means Brisbane Airport enjoys the best buffer zone in Australia, enabling the airport to operate 24 hours a day. BAC and our partners, locally and globally, undertake a number of initiatives to manage noise impacts. To highlight the issues and management strategies around noise management, we have created the booklet “Above and Beyond” and associated materials. Please see links below.

For more information about aircraft noise please select the below link –


Does aircraft noise impact Brisbane's residential sector?

A study by QUT into the Impact of Aircraft Noise on Brisbane Residential Property Sectors: 1988 – 2014.


This research was undertaken by QUT at the request of Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) to establish what, if any, impact flight paths have had on the value or saleability of residential property in Brisbane. BAC initiated this work in the hope that the findings would ease any community concerns, and encourage greater transparency from vendors and real estate agents during the marketing and sale of residential property.


Having analysed 25 years of RP data, QUT concluded that: “housing and units in Brisbane located under designated flight paths have their value and price determined by a range of factors and these factors are not detrimentally impacted by aircraft noise. The location of a property under a flight path will have minimal if any impact on the price, saleability, investment performance and capital growth of that property.


”This study is, to the best of our knowledge, the most extensive of its type anywhere in the world. BAC has committed to funding annual updates until at least 2022.


We hope that the findings will be useful to you.


View full report



Plane Spotting


Detailed information for aviation enthusiasts and plane spotters can be found here.




If you can't find the information you're after on our website, you can email BAC HERE.




We value your thoughts and comments. If you have feedback about your experience at Brisbane Airport please contact us via our feedback form, or email HERE. Note: Enquiries about airlines/lost baggage should be forwarded directly to your airline.


Brisbane Airport Community Information Sessions

If you’d rather speak to one of our staff in person, you can attend one of our Community Information Sessions. These public forums are held four times per year, and are attended by our senior management team.  For information about the date and location of our next Community Information Session please email HERE


Brisbane Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group


If you have a complex question or concern, you may like to contact the Brisbane Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group. This independent group comprises members of the public, representatives from all levels of government, airlines, Airservices Australia and BAC. The group’s website is or you can email the BACACG secretary:

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